Mary C.

Age 82. Retired.

Image of Mary C. Age 82. Retired. Long-term care resident
Not an actual patient. For illustrative purposes only.

Patient Profile

  • Elderly female, frail
  • Recurrent cellulitis of lower right leg
  • An 82-year-old woman with mild renal disease and well-controlled diabetes
  • Lives in a nursing home
  • Has a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure and chronic venous stasis
  • Needs assistance performing most activities of daily living


  • Presents at hospital with recurrent cellulitis of lower right leg


  • Infected area of approximately 175 cm2
  • Temperature of 38.8 °C
  • BP 135/90; HR 90; 2+ peripheral oedema
  • WBC count of >15,000 cells/mm3
  • CrCl of 44 ml/min
  • Blood glucose is slightly elevated


  • Cellulitis, treat for streptococci

Treatment Considerations

  • Dalbavancin does not require dose adjustment for age or for moderate renal impairment and has no known interactions with other medications the patient may be taking1.
  • With either a single dose or with a second dose administered in 8 days’ time the patient is quickly able to return to familiar surroundings.
  • 54% of patients in the single dose study were treated as out-patients9.
10 MW Dunne et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2016;62(5):545–51