Cheryl K.

Age 40. Social Worker.

Cheryl K. 40-year-old moderately overweight female
Not an actual patient. For illustrative purposes only.

Patient Profile

  • 40-year-old moderately overweight female (BMI = 28) with a history of well-controlled Type 2 diabetes
  • Has two school-age children
  • Subcutaneous insulin


  • Presents at hospital with a worsening infection that began a week ago and has been unresponsive to oral antibiotics
  • Skin and soft tissue abscess/boil surrounded by significant cellulitis on back


  • Erythema of approximately 150 cm2
  • Temperature of 38.3 ºC
  • BP 120/80; HR 100
  • Lesion is very warm and tender to palpation with likely formation of pus beneath
  • WBC count of 14,000 cells/mm3
  • CrCl of 68 ml/min


  • Major cutaneous abscess

Treatment Considerations

With two children to care for the patient would benefit from being able to return home as quickly as possible.

  • 54% of patients in the single dose study were treated as out-patients10.
  • Dalbavancin does not require weight-based dose adjustment1,10.
  • In DISCOVER 1 & 2, 12% of the patients were diabetic8.
  • In Phase 2 & 3 trials 71% had a BMI >2510.

Single-dose dalbavancin is an effective treatment option for outpatients with ABSSSI and is associated with a high degree of patient treatment satisfaction and convenience.

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