Anthony T.

Age 30. Unemployed.

Anthony T. 30-year-old male with a 10-year history of recreational IV drug abuse
Not an actual patient. For illustrative purposes only.

Patient Profile

  • 30-year-old male with a 10-year history of IV drug abuse
  • Spends majority of the time on the street
  • Medical history is unknown
  • Has little social support


  • Presents at hospital with recurrent infection of injection site


  • Increased erythema of upper left arm, erythema of approximately 150 cm2
  • Significant pus present
  • Temperature of 39.0 °C
  • BP 125/85; HR 100
  • WBC count of >13,000 cells/mm3
  • CrCl of 109 ml/min


  • Major cutaneous abscess, treat for S. aureus

Treatment Considerations

  • This patient would most likely be deemed unsuitable for out-patient treatment14.
  • When using dalbavancin a full course of treatment can be administered without a PICC line with a single 30 minute infusion13.
  • In the single dose study a total of 30.4%
    of patients were intravenous drug users and 16.2% had hepatitis9.

Dalbavancin as a single-dose or 2-dose regimen had similar efficacy for the treatment of ABSSSI in persons who inject drugs (PWID) and non-PWID populations.

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