Endpoint: end of treatment (EMA)

A 30 minute infusion of Xydalba given once weekly delivers a similar result as twice daily vancomycin/linezolid at 14 days (EOT)10

Clinical Success at Day 14

Graph showing clinical success at day 14

Clinical success was defined as:

  • Reduced lesion size, defined by erythema, compared with initial assessment
  • Temperature  ≤ 37,6 °C
  • Absence of local fluctuance and heat
  • Reduced local sensitivity to palpation, swelling and induration
  • Reduced drainage for patients initially presenting with wound infection compared with first visit
  • No requirement for continuing systemic antibiotic therapy for ABSSSI
10 MW Dunne et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2016;62(5):545–51